Conducting a debate on presidential candidates in Iran


Candidates for the presidential elections scheduled for June 18 in Iran held their first debate live.

While the candidates explained their electoral promises, their platforms for solving the country’s economic crisis were discussed.

Also, seven presidential candidates who will participate in the June 18 elections met on Iranian state television.

The candidates announced their electoral programs, and listed solutions to the problems in the country.

The most striking discussions were in the fields of economy and media freedom.

Ibrahim Raisi, the radicals’ candidate and chief justice, said he would lead the “resistance economy” against the economic crisis.


The main agenda of the economy and media

He stated that by increasing local production, the necessary facilities will be provided for the product, and his most prominent statements were his statements about freedom of the media and the Internet.

Al Raisi, who promised to bring freedom to the media, said he would strengthen the Internet’s infrastructure.

Saeed Jalili, another important conservative candidate, promised reforms that would open Iran’s economy to the world if he was elected president.

Abdel Nasser Hemeti, the former head of the Central Bank, said that it was impossible to fulfill the promises of the other candidates, and another candidate, Mohsen Razai, emphasized that he wanted to assess the capabilities of Sunnis, youth, and minorities.

The second debate on social and cultural issues between the presidential candidates will take place on Tuesday (June 8th).