Snow decorates the Golcuk Reserve in Bolu, Turkey


The Golcuk Nature Reserve in Bolu, northern Turkey, was covered in white, which led to an increase in the number of visitors to it.

The snow that has been going on for two days has covered the reserve with a white robe.

The Golcuk Reserve enchants its visitors throughout the year, as it enjoys a distinctive beauty in every season, especially in the winter with its snow dress.


The reserve is about 13 km away from the center of Polo, where its close location contributes to the constant demand of tourists, especially during the weekend holidays.

The thickness of the snow in the reserve reached 10 cm, and visitors are keen to take memorial photos with charming snow scenes and walk in the bosom of nature on the banks of Lake Abant.

The state of Bolu, located in northern Turkey, is known locally as the “heart of nature”, as it includes about 200 lakes, ponds, gardens and nature reserves, the most famous of which are Golcuk and Abant.