Ishak Pasha Palace attracts tourists from eastern Turkey


On a hill bordered by steep mountains in the state of Ağrı, eastern Turkey, the historic Ishak Pasha Palace sits with its majestic structure like an eagle’s nest, attracting local and foreign tourists.

The historic palace, which was built in the “Tulip Era” (1718 – 1730) during the rule of the Ottoman Empire, is considered one of the distinctive monuments of that era in the Anatolia region.

The palace is located at the top of a hill south of Dogu Bayezid district and is surrounded on the eastern and southern sides by steep mountains.

Thanks to its location resembling an eagle’s nest and its location between historical monuments such as the Urartu Castle, the Ahmed Khani Museum and the Bayezid Mosque, the palace attracts tourists throughout the year.

Among its sides, the palace, which is listed on the UNESCO Tentative World Heritage List, includes a mosque, walls, rooms, and internal and external courtyards.

Last year, 213,000 people visited the historic building, which bears in its architectural structure and the decorations carved on its walls traces of Ottoman, Seljuk, Baroque and Rococo architecture.