The Pope thanks President Erdogan for his contributions to peace


The Turkish head of religious affairs, Ali Erbaş, said that Pope Francis expressed his thanks to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the contributions he makes to world peace.

This came in press statements made by Erbaş on Saturday at the headquarters of the Turkish Embassy in the Vatican, where he moved after his meeting with Pope Francis.

Erbaş added that Pope Francis praised the efforts made by President Erdogan to achieve world peace.

Pope Francis described Erdogan as “one of the few strong leaders who work hard and do everything in their power to achieve world peace.”


Erbaş explained that Pope Francis conveyed his peace and greetings to President Erdogan, thanking him for his efforts for world peace.

In a related context, Erbaş said that he delivered a message from President Erdogan to the Pope of the Vatican regarding developments in Palestine and the Gaza Strip.

Earlier on Saturday, the Turkish Presidency’s Communications Department stated in a statement that President Erdogan sent a message regarding Palestine to Pope Francis in which he stressed the need for humanity not to allow further violations of international law in Gaza.

President Erdogan added in his message: “Permanent peace and stability cannot be achieved in the Middle East without reaching a just solution to the Palestinian issue.”