The Turkic States Organization is moving to produce a satellite


Deputy Secretary-General of the Organization of Turkic States, Mirvokhid Azimov, said Thursday that the Turkish countries have begun work to form a specialized team of engineers with the aim of producing a joint satellite to enhance cooperation in the field of space.

Azimov expressed his pleasure at the success of the meeting of space agencies of the Organization’s countries, which was held in Ankara, hosted by the Turkish Space Agency.

Azimov said that the organization discussed the results of the activities of the technical team that was formed last year to implement the “cube satellite project.”

He added: “We agreed at the meeting to form a specialized team of engineers that will work on behalf of the Turkish countries to manufacture a joint satellite.”

He added: “This team will continue its activities at the research center in Kazakhstan, and the ultimate goal is to launch a cube satellite in the name of the Turkic States Organization.”

Azimov praised Turkey’s great contribution to developing space cooperation within the organization.

Turkey previously sent the first astronaut into space last February.