A Swiss newspaper describes the TOGG as a “Turkish Tesla”


The Swiss newspaper Blick praised the characteristics of the Turkish electric car “TOGG” and described it as “the Turkish Tesla.”

The only nationally published newspaper in Switzerland said in a report prepared by journalist Wolfgang Gomol that the T10X TOGG car has become a Turkish landmark.

“The electric car impresses with its digital ecosystem, where AI can create radio playlists,” the report said. “But its driving and charging performance are also impressive, as our test drive showed.”

The report pointed out that TOGG was established in 2018 and that it survived the Corona pandemic period without any harm, and stressed that Turkey had made significant investments to develop this brand.

The report included praise for the TOGG car, describing it as “the Turkish Tesla.”


It pointed out that it has a large screen in the cockpit, and its own operating system has been developed, including an application store.

In addition to the praised driving characteristics, the report pointed out that the TOGG’s range reaches 468 km.

The report pointed out that when it comes to recharging, the TOGG can easily keep up with competitors such as “Skoda Eniac” or “Tesla” and in some cases even surpass them.​​​​​​​

It stated that the TOGG (T10X) cars are expected to arrive in Germany at the end of the year, but the date of their arrival in Switzerland is unclear.

It also pointed out that it is expected that one million TOGG cars will be on European roads by 2032.