Palestine… A call to prayer in “The Brahimi” to confront Israel


On Thursday, the Directorate of Islamic Endowments in the Hebron Governorate, in the southern West Bank, called on citizens to perform Friday prayers at the Ibrahimi Mosque, to confront an Israeli scheme that seeks to “Judaize the mosque.”


The “Awqaf” indicated in a statement that it decided to close some mosques in the city tomorrow, at the time of Friday prayers, to urge the public to go to pray in “The Ibrahimi”.

She indicated that this call comes in light of the continuation of the construction and bulldozing work by the Israeli occupation authorities to build an electric elevator in the mosque.

On the tenth of August, Israel began excavations on the southern side of the mosque.

To build a car park, a path for people to pass, and an elevator adjacent to the mosque, despite the Palestinian government’s rejection.

Since 1994, the mosque, which is believed to have been built on the tomb of Abraham, peace be upon him, has been divided into two parts: one for Muslims, and another for Jews.


This was after a settler killed 29 Palestinians during the dawn prayer, on February 25 of the same year.