New York.. An attack targeting the “Turkish House” building


The “Turkish House” building, which also houses the Consulate General in New York City, was attacked on Monday by an unknown person.

The building opposite the United Nations headquarters was attacked at 03:14 Turkish local time (GMT-4).

Whereas, an unidentified person attacked the building with an iron rod and smashed 12 panes of glass at the entrance gate and the façade overlooking Street No. 46.

The Turkish Consul in New York, Rehan Ozgur, announced that the attack on the Turkish House was limited to material damage.


And he stated that the New York Police Department came to the scene of the attack immediately after receiving the report.

He pointed out that the perpetrator left the iron rod at the scene of the attack and fled, expressing his hope that his identity would be identified and arrested.

Ozgur stressed that the attack “will not at all affect the vote of Turkish citizens in the second round of the presidential elections.”

The Turkish House includes Ankara’s permanent representation at the United Nations and its consulate, in which the polling process takes place in the second round of the presidential elections, between 20 and 24 May.

After being informed of the attack, the New York Police Department took security measures around the building.