Istanbul hosts a summit on climate change and the green transition


On Wednesday, Istanbul hosted a climate summit under the title “Climate Change Summit 2023: Green Transition”.

The summit came within the framework of the long-term climate change strategy work in cooperation between the Turkish Ministry of Environment, Urban Development and Climate Change and the United Nations Development Program.

More than 200 high-ranking officials and administrators from the business world, as well as Turkish and international officials, participated in the summit.


In a speech during the summit, Turkish Deputy Minister of Environment, Urban Development and Climate Change, Muhammad Amin Bir Banar, said that the United Nations’ policies on the environment and climate are among the matters that enjoy the consensus of all member states.

The Turkish official described the UN policies in this field as “the most successful.”

He pointed out that Turkey also needs to focus on this field, indicating that they are looking forward to enacting a climate law in Parliament during the next stage.

He stressed the need to direct global investments, especially in the field of industry, in line with developments in climate change and the green transition.

He added that climate change is not only an issue related to the environment, but also to development.