“Iran” and “normalization” dominate the Lapid-Biden meeting


The Iranian file and the expansion of the “normalization” circle dominated US President Joe Biden’s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid in West Jerusalem.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s office said in a written statement that Lapid and Biden held a bilateral working meeting on Thursday, in the presence of the two sides from both sides.


“The Prime Minister and the US President welcomed the warm and independent relations that bind Israel and the United States,” he added.

“Prime Minister Lapid, President Biden and the two working groups had lengthy discussions on regional issues,” he added.

Chief among them is the Iranian file and the nuclear agreement, where Lapid thanked President Biden for his decision not to remove the Iranian Revolutionary Guard from the list of terrorist organizations.

He continued, “The Prime Minister also stressed his opposition to returning to the nuclear agreement and the need to intensify pressure on Iran, to return to the negotiating table to discuss an alternative agreement.”

Regarding Israel’s normalization of its relations with Arab countries, he noted that the two leaders stressed “the importance of the Negev Forum.


As well as the need to strengthen cooperation within the framework of the regional structure, and seek to expand the circle of normalization countries.

The Negev Forum includes Israel and the United States, and 4 Arab countries: Egypt, the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco.

Regarding the Palestinian file, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said: “Lapid and Biden exchanged views on the Palestinian issue.

The Prime Minister reviewed the measures taken by Israel to improve the fabric of Palestinian life in various fields.

On the other hand, the statement said that the two leaders “welcomed the joint statements issued by the two countries.

In the first place, the Jerusalem Declaration that will be signed today, as well as the joint declaration on the establishment of strategic cooperation in the field of advanced technologies.


They also welcomed the upcoming meeting of the I2U2 Leaders Forum, which will be chaired by them, and with the participation of the UAE and India.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office indicated that the two leaders instructed the “professional level to complete the process of exempting Israeli citizens.”

It is necessary to obtain a visa to travel to the United States, as soon as possible.”

Biden had arrived in Israel on Wednesday, to leave Friday on his way to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.