Here are the best cities for safe tourism in Turkey


The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced several measures to combat the Coronavirus as part of the “Safe Tourism in Turkey” plan.

As these procedures began with requiring all hotels to obtain a “safe tourism certificate” for hotels in Turkey. Indeed, two thousand 480 hotel requests were submitted to obtain this document, while the city of Antalya the capital of tourism, arranging 631 hotels approved by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism that meet all requirements for safe tourism in Turkey.

The “Safe Tourism Certificate”, has become one of the typical practices in the world, under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey, as the difficult times that Turkey went through during the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic, forced hotels with 50 rooms and above to obtain a “safe tourism certificate.” “For the reference number 1761 in the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and since the decision was issued on the first of July last, certificates have been awarded to 2,480 hotels, after examining their applications by international accreditation bodies.

The ranking of Turkish cities according to the certificate of safe tourism

Antalya is in first place

A “Safe Tourism Certificate” was approved for both hotels and cafes in Antalya, and the city ranked first in Turkey in terms of the number of certificates issued. A total of 631 hotel applications were submitted in Antalya, 431 of which were approved by the Ministry of Tourism and 200 approved by the municipality. Among these requests, certificates were awarded to 560 hotels, 393 hotels approved by the Ministry of Tourism and 167 certificates approved by the municipality.

Mugla came second

The Turkish tourism province of Mugla is one of the leading cities in terms of the number of hotels with a safe tourism certificate and ranks second in Turkey. The total number of certified hotels reached 329, of which 204 were licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, and 146 were approved by the municipality.

Istanbul is Third

Although it is the most welcoming city for foreign tourists in Turkey, Istanbul has ranked third in the number of hotels that have a “safe tourism certificate”. Where the certificate was awarded to a total of 258 hotels in Istanbul, including 250 accredited by the Ministry of Tourism, and 61 hotels approved by the municipality.

Izmir and Ankara

The provinces of Izmir and Ankara come in fourth and fifth places in terms of the number of hotels that obtained the “Safe Tourism Certificate”. 130 hotels in Izmir have been awarded the certificates. While in the capital, Ankara, a total of 106 hotels received the certificate.

995 restaurants and cafes

The “Safe Tourism Certificate” is not limited to hotels in Turkey only, but includes all the tourism institutions in the country, including restaurants and cafes. Within the framework of the Turkish Ministry of Tourism’s plan for safe tourism, a total of 995 restaurants and cafes “Safe Tourism Certificate” were handed over after they were examined. By the competent authorities.

Istanbul came first with 317 restaurants and cafes that obtained the certificate, then Antalya came with 161 certificates. Then Ankara with 111 certificates.