Gürlevik Waterfall.. one of Turkey’s natural masterpieces


Gürlevik Waterfall in Erzincan Province, eastern Turkey, attracts local and foreign tourists as nature revives in the spring.

The waterfall is located in the village of Kalajik, in the embrace of Mount Monzor, and consists of the merging of the waters of 9 springs.

The waterfall’s water flow increases with the melting of snow in the highlands in the spring and rainfall.

The waters of the waterfall pour from a height of 40 meters and welcomes its visitors with stunning views dominated by green color at such times.

Visitor Gurkan Gurer said that the waterfall has a different beauty in every season.

He stressed that the Gürlevik Waterfall is one of the natural masterpieces in the Eastern Anatolia region.

He pointed out that the waterfall acquires a distinctive beauty as the snow melts and nature takes on a green color in the spring.