We will continue to pressure Israel commercially and diplomatically


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country will continue to put pressure on Israel in the fields of trade and diplomacy until it ends its “massacres” in the Gaza Strip.

This came in a speech delivered by President Erdogan on Saturday during an event of the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Committee (DEİK).

He added that his country’s government is keeping channels of communication open with the Turkish business world while implementing its decision to stop commercial dealings with Israel to pressure it to reach a ceasefire in Gaza.

He stressed that Turkey will continue “to put pressure on Israel in the fields of trade and diplomacy until the government of (Benjamin) Netanyahu ends its massacres in Gaza.”

President Erdogan pointed out that the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip have, to date, resulted in the martyrdom of about “36,000 innocents” there.

On another level, Erdogan stressed that his government supports “everyone who works and exports for Turkey and trusts the Turkish economy by enhancing their investments in it, and supports us in creating the ‘Turkey Centenary’ vision.”

He stressed that the difference in cultural and ideological backgrounds and political opinions does not constitute an obstacle to participating in the growth of Turkey, stressing that this scene is an indicator of the cultural and human richness of his country.


He also praised the activities and events of the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Committee, which it carries out through 152 business councils and 5,000 members.

The Turkish President described DEİK as “the private sector’s window overlooking the countries of the world.”

He expressed their pride in DEİK, which he said constitutes a bridge of communication and commercial cooperation between Turkey and various countries of the world, starting from South Africa and passing through Malaysia and the Turkish Republics, and not ending with the United States.

In a related context, Erdogan stressed that the priority of his government’s economic program is to permanently reduce inflation, reduce it to the single-digit level again, and enhance the prosperity of the Turkish people.

He pointed out that his government’s expectations indicate that inflation will begin to decline starting from the second half of this year, 2024.

In his speech in this regard, Erdogan cited the start of international agencies to improve Turkey’s credit rating.

In addition, the Turkish President indicated that his country’s name has become more and more frequent in the context of the search for an alternative production center for Asia.