Geneva..The Syrian Constitutional Committee discusses the “rule of law”


On Wednesday, the Syrian Constitutional Committee continues to discuss the basic principles of the new constitution in the ongoing meetings of the sixth round in the Swiss city of Geneva, which will discuss the principle of “the rule of law.”


The delegations of the regime and the opposition and representatives of civil society arrived at the UN headquarters in Geneva in order to hold two working sessions for the small group tasked with drafting the constitution, consisting of 45 members equally.

Wednesday’s meetings will also be held in the form of two working sessions in which a constitutional principle presented by a delegation of civil society representatives, including the “rule of law”, will be discussed.

During the session, elaborate constitutional drafting will be presented for discussion by the parties forming the Constitutional Committee, provided that later constitutional principles will be presented on Thursday by representatives.


The sessions will be held at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, under the supervision of the UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen, and the work of the tour is expected to end next Friday.

The committee embarked on its real mission, as it discussed the formulations of constitutional principles submitted by the three parties to reach common ground between them.

And on Monday, the co-chair of the Constitutional Committee for the opposition Hadi Al-Bahra announced that the committee held the first session of its sixth round of work in Geneva to discuss basic principles within the process of drafting constitutional reform.

The meetings of the sixth round come after months of suspension and five rounds that did not achieve progress, as part of a more comprehensive process sponsored by the United Nations.


And participate in the current meetings of the committee 45 members who make up the members of the small group to draft the new constitution, under the supervision of the UN envoy.

The small group of the expanded constitutional committee was tasked with drafting the constitution, and the latter was established in 2019 and consists of 150 members equally between the regime, the opposition, and civil society.