The formation of a display of Turkish defense products in Nusrat 2021


Turkish penetrations in the defense industry were once again on display, as weapons and software systems that are more important than each other are on display at the Dawa Nusrat 2021 exercise taking place in Çanakkale.


The Dawa Nusrat 2021 exercise in Çanakkale continues within the scope of the exercise, and defense industry companies also demonstrated the weapons systems in stock and are expected to enter the Nara fortress.

One of the most noticeable was the unmanned armed naval vehicle “SİDA”.

The armed unmanned naval vehicle will soon be in the Naval Command’s inventory.

SİDA, which will be independent, will perform its duty without the need for support.

As the Director of Business Development at Ulak said, the naval-armed unmanned vehicle was developed with different options.


In addition to various functions to carry out surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, air defense warfare, and anti-mine measures in line with the needs of the Navy.

The Atmaca missile developed by Roketsan is also considered one of the best among its peers in the world. The Atmaca missile can be launched at sea and land targets.

Also, the ORKA guided missile and the DÜFAS RADAR system developed by Aselsan are among the local and national pride projects.

With the DÜFAS system, submarines will be able to detect from a very long distance.


The projects that attract the most attention are 100% local and national software.

Buğra Ünalmış Director of Business Development at HAVELSAN said, “The war management system has now started to be used, especially in MİLGEM.

Likewise, we are trying to spread it on other platforms, and one hundred percent will be from local and national programs.”