United Nations: 3 children killed in Ethiopia’s bombing of Tigray


The United Nations said on Wednesday that 3 children were killed in airstrikes two days ago by Ethiopian forces in the city of Maqli, the center of the northern Tigray region.


And the UN-based its report on the testimonies of health workers, while the Ethiopian government did not admit explicitly until Wednesday morning that it had launched airstrikes on the city of Maqli.

Jens Larkey, a spokesman for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said in statements that it was based on information received from the ground.

“The airstrikes killed 3 children, and another child was seriously injured.”

The Tigray People’s Front accuses the Ethiopian federal forces of launching air raids on Maqli on Monday.


Front officials said the raids targeted civilians and shops, as well as a hotel usually used by foreign humanitarian workers.

While Addis Ababa insisted that it did not launch any airstrikes on the city of Maqli on Monday, describing all media reports on the matter as “fake”.

The Ethiopian News Agency reported the same evening that the country’s forces targeted a facility belonging to the communications sector of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front with airstrikes.

She said the raids “tried to avoid any civilian casualties.”


Since November 2020, an armed conflict has been taking place in the region between the Ethiopian army and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

Hundreds of thousands have been displaced and more than 71,488 people have fled to Sudan.