Facebook suspends Trump’s account for two years starting January 7


On Friday, Facebook announced the suspension of the account of former US President Donald Trump for two years, starting from the date of its suspension on January 7.

Facebook’s decision came after the company’s oversight board criticized the decision to ban Trump’s account “indefinitely”, which prompted it to set a timetable for his possible return, according to the American newspaper “Politico”.


“Given the seriousness of the circumstances that prompted Trump’s account to be suspended,” said Nick Clegg, the company’s vice president for global affairs.

We believe his actions constitute a flagrant violation of our rules, and deserve the maximum penalty available under the new protocols.”

“Therefore, we have decided to suspend Trump’s account for a period of two years, starting from the date of the initial suspension on January 7,” he added in a statement.

After the two years are up, the statement said, “experts will assess the conditions to see if Trump will be allowed to return.


If we determine that there is still a serious public safety risk, we will extend the ban for a specified period of time, and will continue to reassess until the risk has subsided.”

On January 7, Facebook decided to ban Trump’s account for “inciting violence that led to the bloody riots in the Capitol Building” on January 6, according to a statement issued by the company’s oversight board.

It is reported that the Twitter platform also banned Trump’s account permanently last January, for the same reason.