Emphasizing the need to combat the challenges of climate change


Emine Erdogan, wife of the Turkish President, stressed on Wednesday the necessity of combating the challenges resulting from climate change and environmental pollution and taking concrete steps towards future generations.

This came in a video message sent by Erdogan to the events that will be held at the United Nations on the occasion of “World Zero Waste Day” on March 30 of each year.

The First Lady of Turkey explained that the World Zero Waste Day, which was declared by the United Nations resolution, constitutes an important opportunity in the fight against climate change and pollution.

She called on everyone to become volunteers in the “Zero Waste” initiative by signing the Zero Waste Declaration of Goodwill initiated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres.


Emine Erdogan congratulated all the environmental volunteers who gave their time and effort to make the world we share a more livable place.

The “Zero Waste” project is based on changing citizens’ consumption habits, separating waste at the source, and then recycling it, with the aim of reaching the waste recycling rate to 60 percent by 2030.

In mid-December 2022, the United Nations approved the “Zero Waste” project resolution submitted by Turkey within the framework of plans for sustainable development and combating climate change.

The United Nations General Assembly unanimously approved the resolution, which was mainly submitted by Turkey and jointly submitted by 105 countries.

With this resolution, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 30 as World Zero Waste Day.