Russia and Turkey.. establishing a second nuclear power plant


A Russian official said on Wednesday that his country is discussing with Turkey the possibility of building a second nuclear power plant in the northern state of Sinop.

This was reported by Kirill Komarov, Deputy Director General of the Russian Nuclear Energy Corporation “Rosatom” during a press conference in Sochi.

Komarov expressed Russia’s desire for the experience gained from the Akkuyu nuclear station project in the southern Turkish state of Mersin to be reflected in the construction of the next station in Sinop.

He stressed that the Akkuyu nuclear station is one of the very important projects for Russia in terms of responsibility and investment.


He added that all four units are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2028, noting the intensive work on the first unit.

Komarov pointed out that they are all looking forward to the moment when the Turkish electricity grid will be supplied with the first stream of nuclear energy.

He explained that the Turkish economy is developing at a good level and that the need for electricity increases every year, and accordingly, setting goals for the development of nuclear energy in Turkey is a very positive step.

Akkuyu is Turkey’s first nuclear power plant and one of the largest investments in the country.

In addition to Sinop, Ankara is also holding discussions with China regarding the establishment of a third nuclear power plant in the Thrace region, northwest of the country.