Costs of transferring car ownership in Turkey 2023 | All you need to know


Today, those who want to own a car in Turkey prefer to buy used cars with a much more affordable budget than new cars.

Consequently, they agree with the car owner in Turkey, or deal with Turkish companies specialized in this field.

But in the beginning, it is important to properly prepare a number of documents and papers, before starting the transactions of buying and selling used cars in Turkey.


Therefore, if you intend to buy or sell a used car through the transfer of ownership of this car in Turkey, you must review the official documents of the vehicle.

But the most important thing is to know the costs of transferring car ownership in Turkey from A to Z.

And this is what our article aims to do.

How to transfer car ownership in Turkey

Before getting into the details of the costs of transferring car ownership in Turkey, some things must be clarified about how to transfer car ownership in Turkey.

As buying a used car in Turkey is more common than buying a new car.

Meaning that in many cases people prefer to buy used cars instead of buying directly from companies, which may be due to their low prices.

As a result, acquiring a car by transferring its ownership by buying it from its previous owner and owner is a better solution, because used cars are much cheaper.


In general, in order to find a used car, the owner of which wants to transfer the registration on it to someone else, there are various websites available specifically for this purpose.

You can also view the updated car prices on these sites. Here are some sites that can help you in this regard.

We recommend that after agreeing on the price of the car whose ownership is to be transferred, make sure to ask the site or the expert in charge to inspect the car, and make sure that an expert certificate is received from them after paying the fees.

Details of the process of transporting cars in Turkey

There are some important points to consider when transferring car ownership in Turkey:

  • According to the traffic law in Turkey, the transfer of car ownership in Turkey is done through the notary office.

However, there are some points that are recommended to be made before reaching the notary process for transferring car ownership in Turkey:

  • The foreclosure or seizure sign on the vehicle, if any, must be removed.
  • If the vehicle has tax or traffic ticket debt, it must be paid.
  • Prepare the necessary documents for transferring ownership in advance.
  • The car must be inspected, as this can lead to many problems that require additional costs other than ownership transfer costs.
  • Processing notary expenses.
  • The bank account information must be prepared in advance, in case the car price is to be paid or collected through bank transfers.
  • The distance traveled by the vehicle must be checked.
  • Vehicle tax and traffic fine debt must be paid before selling.

After obtaining information about the vehicle’s movement record, it is also necessary to conduct sales transactions in the presence of a notary.

Many details are scrutinized, such as vehicle transfer fees, vehicle transportation transactions, and vehicle purchase and sale tax.

These details must be known by those planning to purchase a used car and transfer its ownership from the owner to them.

The costs of transferring car ownership in Turkey, and the party responsible for paying them

It should be noted that the cost of the notary is about 250 liras when completing the car ownership transfer process in Turkey, whether you are a citizen or a long-time resident in Turkey.

Also, the seller bears the previous costs of the car before transporting it, such as taxes, fines, etc.. and he/she must pay them before the final ownership transfer.

After completing the registration process, the car card will be handed over to the buyer, after which he will have one month to collect his license plate.

Also, to apply for a license plate, you have to go to the police station, which will cost about 60 Turkish liras.


Of course, you can refer to the website concerned for this purpose, and then on the tab that they provide, they will display the exact date and time for receiving the license plate.

In addition to the above costs, road tax must be paid annually.

Since the purchased car cannot be used by anyone outside the household, a fine will be required if it is used by a stranger.

During the transfer of car ownership in Turkey, the buyer shall bear the costs of transferring the ownership at the notary, where the fees of the notary (the transaction of transfer of ownership of the car in Turkey) are determined as follows:

  • Notary Public Fee: 150 Turkish Liras
  • Notary Document Cost: 348 TL
  • Document printing fee: 30 Turkish Liras
  • Total Documentation Sales Fee: 518 TL
  • Total vehicle documentation fee: 479 TL
  • Transfer of ownership of a Turkish car without changing the license plate of the used car is 900 Turkish lira
  • In the case of changing the license plate of the used car, the notary fee is 900 TL, or between 700 TL and 1600 TL
  • For the new arrangement, the transfer fee remains the same if the license plate is changed or not
  • To renew the plate, 110 TL for the back or front panel, which is 220 TL for the two panels.

In addition to the above, notary fees vary according to the type of protest, as the minimum protest fee is 465 Turkish liras.

Panel printing fees also vary depending on the plate printing site and labor cost.

You can also find out the fees for a notary’s protest from the nearest notary office according to your location.


The cost of replacing a car license plate in Turkey

If you are applying through the site, the application form, which you must have applied for in advance, specifies the date and time that you must go to the police station.

If you live in a small town and want to change your license plate, you do not need to make an appointment due to the small number of clients.

But if you are in big cities like Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya, you should make an appointment before visiting in person.

As for the cost of this process, in 2023, the cost of changing the license plate, along with the cost of the notebook computer, was 690 + 150 liras, i.e. a total of 940 Turkish liras.


The cost of naming the vehicle transferred ownership in Turkey

Whether you have a Turkish citizenship, a long-term residence permit in Turkey, or even a one-year residence permit in Turkey.

It is necessary to refer to the notary to name the car that has been transferred to you, and this is so that you can register the car.

As for the language problem, many notaries have an official Turkish translator who you can employ with confidence if you are not familiar with the Turkish language.

Keep in mind that the cost will be around 550 liras to a notary.

Also, we inform you that the seller who wants to transfer the ownership of his/her car to you will bear the previous expenses, such as fines, taxes, etc., and he must pay them all.

In conclusion, in this article, we mentioned all the costs that you could face if you transfer car ownership in Turkey to you.

We were keen to refer to reliable sources, such as the list of public employees of the Union of Notaries Public in Turkey, in addition to the Turkish Union of Notaries in Turkey.

But there is no harm in resorting to specialists and intermediaries found in order to transfer car ownership in Turkey and in order to help you with everything related to this matter in Turkey.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who pays notary fees when buying a car in Turkey?

When buying a used car in Turkey, the buyer pays the car ownership transfer fee, and the seller does not pay any notary fees, unless otherwise stated.

But even so, if there are unpaid tax arrears and traffic fines before the sale is made, the seller must pay them.

How long does the car ownership transfer process take in Turkey?

When all the vehicle ownership documents are ready, notary sales procedures are completed within 20-30 minutes.

The notary public’s working hours are 09:00 – 12:30 a.m. and 13:30 – 17:30 p.m.

Notaries public also operate on the weekends from 10:00 to 16:00.

When is the price of the car paid when transferring ownership in Turkey?

The buyer has to transfer the money to the seller before the notary completes the transactions directly.