Erdogan: Turkey is making confident steps to become an industrial base


Turkish President Erdogan said:

“Turkey is confidently moving towards the markets of Europe, Russia and the Middle East, through smartphone manufacturers to have a production base for the region.”

Erdogan said that Turkey is moving towards becoming one of Xiaomi’s most important smartphone manufacturers, production base and Salcomp business partner.

He also said that these established factories will provide job opportunities for 2,000 people.


In his message, President Erdogan noted the following:

More than 10 million mobile phone sales are achieved annually, as the European, Russian and Middle Eastern markets intersect in Turkey.

And smartphone manufacturers tend to have a production base for the region.

This factory, which was established by Xiaomi and its commercial partner Salcomp, on a land area of ​​14 thousand square meters, with investments of nearly 30 million dollars, will provide job opportunities for two thousand people with an annual production capacity of 5 million phones.