Barrier-free Didim Beach welcomes guests from all over the world

Barrier-free Didim Beach for disabled people in turkey

Aydin Didim, which is rapidly developing into a brand with its world-famous beaches, bays, Temple of Apollo, watersports and diving, is also on its way to becoming a brand as a barrier-free center of life.

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The magnificent Didim Beach, which was among the first places preferred by COPDs for vacation in recent years, has attracted the attention of tourists all over the world with its special-needs hotel, the beach for the handicapped and the diving center for the disabled.

Athletes with disabilities at Altinkum Didim Beach benefit from a scuba diving center, with hotels, barrier-free beach and many other activities in Turkey that continue to welcome people with disabilities from all over the world.

Dive instructor Sinan Karabacılı stated that they have been providing diving training at Didim Beach for 20 years and that they have also provided underwater sports training for the disabled in the past 10 years.

Barrier-free Didim Beach for disabled people in turkey

“There are many branches of underwater sports such as scuba diving, free diving and handicap diving,” said Karabacılı.

Didim Beach has a very rich and safe infrastructure. Since we are taking the wind from the north, waves and currents never occur in our sea. For this reason, since it is so safe, Didim Beach and our diving center are preferred for diving sports all over the world.

“Didim Beach is a place where many activities continue with the Association for the Handicapped. We held the Handicapped Festival in Didim,” he said.

“We have many activities with the Didim Association for the Disabled. In 2015, we organized the most important festival for the disabled in Europe in Didim.

We held a week of diving training here with 33 participants with disabilities from 11 different countries. In addition, from many countries of the world. Like Chile and France, disabled athletes from different countries received training to dive in Didim for a week, and diving is not just a sport for people with disabilities, but is also a means of rehabilitation, because disabled people get rid of gravity, which is the most important problem for them.

Barrier-free Didim Beach for disabled people in turkey

The President of Didim Association for the Disabled, Bedri Altıntaş stated that the first unobstructed beach for Didim municipality in Turkey was implemented in 2017, “Altinkum Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Didim, our disabled citizens can freely enter Altinkum Beach, to take advantage of the fun they can have, And services on the beach

Handicapped guests from all over the world can also take advantage of the services of this beach. With the support of our staff, all people with disabilities and their families can use our beach for free.

I would like to thank the mayor of our city, Ahmed Deniz Atabay, who brought us this beach.

Barrier-free Didim Beach for disabled people in turkey

Our efforts continue to provide a much better service in the coming years. We invite all our handicapped people to our barrier-free beach.

The handicapped who benefited from the beach thanked everyone who contributed to the establishment of this unique beach, and expressed their love to spend time on Didim’s barrier-free beach, but the only thing missing is that the area in which they enter the sea is rocky and lacks sand, and they asked the authorities to support sand to make them more comfortable in the sea.