Mount Nemrut in Turkey & the epic story of Commagene Kingdom

Mount Nemrut in Turkey

Mount Nemrut in Turkey is one of the most important tourist attractions in the southeast of the country. This mountain is the focus of attention of many archaeologists and historians. It rises more than 2000 meters in the sky. Where there are huge statues dating back to centuries BC. Some of these stones and statues, especially the stones used in the construction of the royal tombs, are 9 meters high.

Many people believe that the name Nimrod is taken from the tyrannical king of Babylon, who was defeated by the Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, but archaeologists did not speak about this topic.

There are statues decapitated on the surface of this mountain, which have remained underground for many years or have survived to this day or been destroyed by erosion factors and disasters such as earthquakes. Tourists can easily visit this tourist attraction in Turkey. As it is an attraction that is not only related to the history of religions and archeology, it also pleases mountain climbers and nature lovers.

Mount Nemrut in Turkey

Why is it fun to see Mount Nemrut in Turkey?

This is the place known as the stone tomb of King Antiochus I in the Kingdom of Commagene on the top of a mountain at an altitude of 2,150 meters. It is said that the tomb of Antiochus is located under a 50-meter-high bed made of stone by humans.

Although his grave was never found despite the many intense archaeological work here, it is located on the highest cemetery on Mount Nemrut in Turkey, and it is one of the best tourist attractions in eastern Turkey.

Wonderful mountain foothills

On the main and surprising slope of Mount Nemrut in Turkey, a row of gigantic stone statues were lined up and found magically built and standing. These stone statues were supposed to celebrate the glory and splendor of King Antiochus the First and of course the gods.

Mount Nemrut in Turkey

Interesting facts about Nemrut Mountain, which make it one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Turkey

  • In 1987, the UNESCO listed Nemrut Mountain as a World Heritage Site. Tourists usually visit this place from April to early November. People usually travel to Mount Nimrud by car, bus and even helicopter from Adiyaman province, which is located near the mountain. There are also night tours that travel from Malatya or Kakhta to this region.
  • The unique temple on the top of the mountain was completely unknown until 1881. Archaeological excavations first began in 1953, and the detailed excavations were led by the American School of Oriental Studies.
  • Mount Nimrud has been extensively excavated since its first discovery and has been affected by tourism and exposure to extreme heat and cold.
  • When you visit Nimrud Mountain, you go back centuries. Not only does this place display a unique view of the rising sun, but it also testifies to the perfection of the art of the Hellenistic era. Many tourists come to southeast Turkey to discover and enjoy this heritage.
  • To build the monumental sculptures and monuments on Mount Nemrut, a very high technology was used that could not be found anywhere in the world at that time. As the merging of the temples and the lineage of their kings (who date back to the myths of history in Greece, Iran and Turkey), There is evidence of the dual origin of the culture of this kingdom.
  • At the foot of the mountain, you see the Guardian Lion, which signifies the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Commagene on Earth.
  • Many statues of eagles and statues of Apollo, Zeus, Hercules and Antiochus (the king of Commagene) can also be seen spectacularly at sunset.
  • The burial mounds have been significantly reduced from their original height of 60 meters due to weather, clumsy past excavations, and tourists.
  • It is important to remember that the great statues of Mount Nimrud are located in a seismic zone of first degree, very close to the (active) East Anatolian Fault. Therefore, not all of this region and its structures are earthquake-proof.
  • The stone mounds (the part related to the burial) are 145 meters in diameter and 50 meters in height, and contain three terraces on three sides: east, west and north. The western and eastern terraces have a separate runway.

How to reach Mount Nemrut in Turkey?

Mount Nimrud is about 43 km from the city of Kahta, and you can buy a plane ticket from Istanbul or Ankara to reach this city. There are also direct flights to Adiyaman from Istanbul or Ankara.

If you enter this city early in the morning, you can easily reach this mountain and enjoy the attractive view of this mount with its large stone carvings. Try to think more about what you see and what this mountain represents in terms of civilization and history.

When is the best time to visit Mount Nemrut in Turkey?

Note that due to the closure of roads to the mountains and peaks, in winter and snow, visiting Mount Nimrud is only available in the warm months of the year (April to early November). It should also be noted that this mountain is located at a distance of about 600 meters from the parking lot and at the foot of the mountain, and you have to climb this path to the stone statues to reach this place.

We also suggest that you spend the sunset or sunrise on this mountain and enjoy the unique and amazing view in front of you.

Mount Nemrut in Turkey

Unique statues in the mountain

The eastern foothills of the ancient Nimrud Mountain in Turkey is one of the places filled with stone carvings. Although the statues are broken in this place. In fact, all the statues’ heads were cut off and broken, and none of the stone statues had heads. Archaeologists put their heads next to their bodies. This photo provides an interesting view for you and the other tourists. All the faces of these gigantic statues, each of which was the god of Nimrud, face the main altar.

Among these statues you can see lion heads and eagles (statues of Greek-Persian origin) as well as the statue of Zeus, the god of the gods in Greek mythology.

Apart from this, all ancient gods can be seen among the statues. Such as the statue of Hercules, the statue of Apollo, Metra, Helios, Hermes, and Komagene Tyche, and all of these statues were decapitated on Mount Nemrut in Turkey, and the statue of King Antiochus I can also be seen among these statues.

Broken stone statues show other dynasties and ancestors of Antiochus. To the north are statues of his Persian ancestors (from the father), while his Seleucid ancestors (maternal ancestors) Antiochus I.

In the western foothills of the mountain, most of the sculptures are not well preserved. However, the heads of these sculptures did not experience the same fate as the others and remained nearly intact. You can see the beauty and power of the hands of sculptors and artists in these heads.

History of the Nimrud region

At a time when there was war between the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire, the lands of Nimrud found themselves exactly between the borders of the two empires.

Although the area was formally part of the Roman Empire, their king and commander Mithridates I finally declared independence.

When their leader Mithradates I died around 64 BC, his son Antioch I ascended the throne and proclaimed himself king. Antioch I sought freedom from the domination of the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. In the end the Romans finally destroyed it in 38 BC.

Mount Nemrut in Turkey

The discovery of the mysterious statues of Mount Nemrut:

This place was excavated by the German engineer Karl Sister, and most people do not know anything about the Kingdom of Commagene, and if this German explorer Karl Sister had not discovered this place, no one would have known about this beautiful, historical and mysterious tourist attraction in Turkey, because few people have knowledge of the Kingdom of Commagene.

The interesting story of this German engineer is that he was intending to explore a new road in Eastern Anatolia in 1880, and this story is intended that instead of finding the old road, they discovered the remains of carvings, and upon these carvings the following year, a search sign arrived at this place and after searching, they found a valuable inscription in it they found all the information they need.

 Mount Nimrud from past to present:

The big change that happened on this mountain and it is very clear, that most statues were cut off from their bodies and one of the reasons for this is that they may have been damaged for religious reasons, and this is of course a possibility. It is also possible that natural disasters such as earthquakes have caused devastation and other change, as in the past the summit of Mount Nimrud was full of forests and green spaces, but the summit of this mountain today is just gigantic rocks.

What are the cities near Mount Nemrut in Turkey?

The closest cities to this tourist area in Turkey are the cities of Adiyaman, Kahta and Malatya. Although Kahta is the closest city to Mount Nemrut in Turkey, Adiyaman provides you with better accommodation services. Adiyaman City is 85 km from the mountain.

So if you come to see this tourist area in Turkey, we suggest that you stay for a night in one of these areas. And if you have a personal car in Turkey, you can go to any of the mentioned cities. Also, if you are a tourist interested in rural life in Turkey, you can go to the village near this mountain region called Karadut. Where you can live a unique experience in this village.

Hotels near Mount Nemrut

Hilton Garden Inn

This hotel is located in Adiyaman, you can book the room you want and schedule your visit through The hotel offers many facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, gym, sauna, jacuzzi, restaurant, clean rooms and balconies overlooking the city.

Kara Dot Pension Hotel

This hotel is located in Karadut Village, at the foot of Mount Nemrut, and offers an intimate and loving environment only 10 km from the summit of the mountain. Like other eco hotels, you’ll have simple but comfortable rooms with the best local breakfasts. You can also arrange for lunch and dinner.

If you do not have a car, a vehicle will be brought for you to travel and tour the mountain area. On these tours, you will be accompanied to see other tourist areas in Turkey.

Mount Nemrut in Turkey

Tips for visiting Mount Nemrut in Turkey

  • Because you are traveling during the summer, the weather is very hot and the shade is reduced. So wear cool clothes. To prevent overheating and sunburn.
  • Don’t cross landscapes along the way, such as deserted houses, tree-lined hills and green slopes. You walk in one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Turkey.
  • Entrance fee for this national park is 20 TL. You can walk for about two hours from the park checkpoint to the summit of Mount Nemrut and the stone statues are in front of you. So if you are not a pedestrian, go by car.
  • The higher it goes up, the colder the air and more winds blow. So bring a windbreaker and warm clothes.

FAQ about Mount Nemrut in Turkey

Where is Mount Nemrut located in Turkey?

This mysterious mountain is located 40 km north of Kahta district near the city of Adiyaman.

How to reach Mount Nemrut in Turkey?

To reach the top of the mountain, you have to walk about 600 meters, and you can also reach this place using buses and helicopters.

When is the best time to visit Mount Nemrut in Turkey?

The best time to visit this mountain is in the warm months of the year (from April to early November), as it is covered with snow during the winter, making it impossible to cross to the summit of the mountain.