Bans meeting of an association linked to the “PKK” organization


The German authorities in Cologne, in the west of the country, refused to allow members of the European Kurdish Democratic Community/KCDK-E.

Known for its ties to the PKK terrorist organization, it organized a Sunday meeting in the Bergisch Gladbach region.


Cologne police said in a statement on Saturday that it had banned the association’s gathering at a wedding hall on Sunday because of its links to the PKK organization, which is banned in Germany.

Cologne police official Michael Esser said they had received information that leaders of a banned organization wanted to meet on Sunday.

He added that the police forces are ready to launch a large-scale operation if the meeting takes place in any way despite the ban.

According to local media, it was planned that about 200 terrorists from the PKK organization would participate in the assembly meeting on Sunday.

The PKK has been on the terrorist list in Germany since 1993.