A bicycle convoy departs from Sarajevo to Srebrenica


A convoy of motorbikes has set off from the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, towards the “Potocari” memorial cemetery to commemorate the victims of the Srebrenica genocide.


Hundreds of motorcyclists from different countries participate in the event to commemorate the greatest human tragedy in Europe after World War II.

The 10th International Marathon of Srebrenica is held under the slogan “Do not forget the massacre so that it does not happen again.” The participants head from Sarajevo to the “Potocari” cemetery in the town of Srebrenica.

The cyclists roamed the main streets of Sarajevo, with great interest from the people, and laid flowers at the “Killed Children” monument.

The remains of 19 victims of the massacre are scheduled to be buried in the cemetery on Sunday, following a ceremony marking the 26th anniversary of the genocide.

The number of people buried in the memorial cemetery will reach 6,671 after Sunday’s ceremony.


Srebrenica massacre

On 11 July 1995, Bosnian civilians from Srebrenica sought protection from Dutch UN soldiers.

This is after the Serbian forces occupied the city, but the Dutch forces handed them back to the Serbian forces.

Serb forces killed more than 8,000 Bosnian men and boys from the city, and only children and women were allowed out.

The Bosnian Serbs buried the dead in mass graves, and after the war ended, Bosnia launched the search for the missing, exhuming the bodies of the dead from the mass graves and determining their identities.

On July 11 of each year, the Bosnian authorities reburied a group of victims who had been identified in the “Potocari” cemetery.