At the price of two strikers… Ons Jabeur gives Tunisia supplies


The Tunisian international tennis player, Ons Jabeur, announced that she had sold her two rackets and purchased medical equipment for their price to help her country’s hospitals in light of the escalating spread of the “Corona” virus.


On Friday, the Ministry of Health warned that the country is witnessing an “unprecedented epidemic wave characterized by a widespread of alpha and delta mutated strains” in most states, with a rise in the rate of injuries and deaths.

Ons said, through a video recording on her Facebook page, late Wednesday, that she had sold a racket through an online auction.

The price of 4 thousand dinars (14.2 thousand dollars), and the second at 35,000 dinars (12.5 thousand dollars).

One of these rackets was used by Ons, who defeated Venus Williams, the five-time Wimbledon champion, and Garbine Muguruza of Spain.

She explained that she had bought a complete resuscitation unit, 3 resuscitation beds, and 7 10-liter oxygen concentrators, and promised to buy other equipment from her own money, for the price of the strikers.

A few days ago, Ons achieved an Arab achievement by reaching the quarter-finals of the English Wimbledon Championships.

It is one of the four Grand Slams (Grand Slam), before being bid farewell to Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka.


For days, Tunisia has been receiving urgent aid from many countries, including Turkey.

It includes doses of anti-Corona vaccines, medical equipment, oxygen supply equipment, medical beds, and foodstuffs.

As of Thursday, Tunisia had recorded a total of 518,609 cases of HIV infection, including 16,845 deaths, and 413,155 cases of recovery.

Two million and 206,980 vaccinations against “Corona” were carried out, with 676,613 of them receiving the second dose.

While 3 million 364,767 Tunisians (out of about 11 million and 700 thousand people) were registered in the vaccination system, according to the Ministry of Health.