An American diver survives from entering a whale’s stomach


An interesting event occurred in the US state of Massachusetts diving to collect lobsters, the diver swallowed a giant whale, and in the face of death, the man managed to survive when the whale spit it out.

He dived into the sea to collect lobsters and found himself in the whale’s mouth, and the man who had been diving for 40 years in the United States escaped at the last minute from entering the whale’s stomach.


Swallow the diving whale

Michael Packard was diving off Provin Stone in the Massachusetts area.

When he was about to go out, the whale opened its mouth and dragged it with the water into the whale’s mouth.

Michael Packard described his experience as follows: “There was pressure and movement, the whale was moving and it was shaking its head.

And I realized it wasn’t a shark, the only possibility is that I was swallowed by a whale, and I’ve been diving for 40 years.

So I knew it was a possibility, so I said it couldn’t be anything else, “I’m in the mouth of a whale.”


“I won’t stop diving”

Packard stayed in the whale’s mouth for 40 seconds, he came face to face with death, and when he thought it was all over, the whale spat at him.

The diver, who was shot in the legs, was quickly rushed to the hospital, and Packard still couldn’t believe what he was going through.

But he says he will not give up diving despite all the insistence on it by his wife.