A Study says: Using blood thinners can pose a major health risk


Unconscious use of blood thinners used to treat coronavirus poses a health risk, and these drugs should be used with expert advice.


Some also believe that it protects against the Coronavirus through rumors, and some believe that it reduces the side effects associated with the vaccine, and the indiscriminate use of blood thinners is increasing day by day.

Cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Barish Durokan said: “There is no data in the current guidelines to suggest there is any protective effect, neither of the coronavirus itself nor of the vaccine.

It is true that thrombosis increases in the disease itself, however, there are no data that objectively increase coagulation in the same vaccine.”

Also, these drugs that are taken unconsciously to prevent clotting before and after vaccination can cause even bigger problems afterward.

“Blood thinners should be considered a double-edged sword, because when the doses are too high or there is an underlying disease they don’t know about,” he said.


This can cause different types of bleeding related to brain hemorrhage in people, and aspirin can cause stomach bleeding.”

Blood thinners can also complicate medical intervention after accidents and injuries.

Dorokan warned against the need to use blood thinners under the supervision of a doctor.

Experts are recommending vaccines, not blood thinners, for those who want to be vigilant in this pandemic.