A businessmen’s forum was launched with a youth elite in Istanbul


A forum was launched in Istanbul on Saturday, bringing together businessmen and young people passionate about trade and entrepreneurship.

The program is organized by the Turkish YediHilal Association within the framework of its “School of Commerce” project.

The forum began at the Center of the Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists “MUSIAD”, and focuses on “export” in this year’s edition, and will conclude its work on Sunday.

In his opening speech, the association’s president, Samad Bajaji, said that they have been working to raise an educated and qualified young generation since 2013.

He stressed the association’s keenness to raise Muslim merchants who “respect what is permissible and what is forbidden and pay attention to zakat.”

In turn, the head of the Commerce School Committee, Muhammad Jabaji, stressed the importance of youth and stated that they are organizing the forum for their sake.

He stressed that trust constitutes the backbone of trade and without it it is not possible to do business at the local and international levels.


He explained that they have been organizing trade school forums since 2018.

He stated that they have met more than two thousand young people to date, 35 of whom have established companies, many of which export and provide job opportunities for many.

The project consists of three stages, the first in the form of sessions under the titles of boldness, patience, gratitude, and business ethics.

The forum organizers divide the young participants into groups in order to listen to their investment ideas.

The winner of the best investment idea will receive a sum of cash.

As for the second stage, participants will undergo distance learning lessons for a period of 6 weeks by professional investors on the basics of investment, digital marketing, financial management, creative thinking, intellectual development, and others.

In the third stage, the project will communicate with the participants who have successfully passed the previous two stages in a guidance framework and to transfer experience to the trainees so that they can establish their own businesses.