Turkey imposes a “transit visa” for destinations in South America


The Turkish authorities imposed on nationals of 10 countries to obtain an electronic visa to transit airports during their destination to Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela from Istanbul International Airport.

Turkey is considered a transit country to final destinations, and is among the most active countries in combating irregular migration, according to Turkish diplomatic sources.

The Turkish authorities intensified inspections within the framework of international aviation rules due to the increase in the number of migrants heading to North America via Central and Latin American countries, taking advantage of air transportation offers via Istanbul, according to the same sources.

Last March, Turkish Airlines warned travelers to Latin American countries that “some additional controls may be applied in addition to the general rules.”

In this context, Turkish diplomatic sources reported that the Turkish Foreign Ministry has completed the necessary preparations to launch the electronic airport transit (transit) visa.


The transit visa was included in Chapter 24 of Justice, Freedom and Security in the negotiations to join the European Union, and it constitutes one of the criteria within the scope of the negotiations to liberalize entry visas for Turks to the European Union countries.

The sources confirmed that Turkey imposed on citizens of India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Chad, Somalia, Cameroon, Mauritania and Yemen heading to Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela via Istanbul Airport the requirement to obtain a transit visa, as of April 15.

The electronic transit visa can be obtained free of charge online from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ “evisa.gov.tr” portal starting April 15, 2024.

Travelers must enter their personal information, residence address information and ticket numbers correctly when obtaining the e-visa.

Transit passengers at Istanbul Airport must also carry a printed copy of their transit visas.