Providing psychological support to the families of corona deaths in Turkey


The Ministry of Family and Social Services continues the psychosocial support service it has provided to those who have lost their relatives due to the Coronavirus since the first day of the epidemic.


There is a need for psychosocial support services, Derya Yanik, Minister of Family and Social Services, said in a written statement.

As well as health services due to the Coronavirus epidemic that continues to affect the world.

Yanik pointed out that citizens need different social support mechanisms during the outbreak of the epidemic, “Our red jackets are still with our citizens at this stage.”

Yanik also said, noting that they provided training on “psychosocial support service in disaster and emergency situations during the pandemic.”

To 582 employees, most of whom are social workers and psychologists:


“Since the first day of the epidemic, we have continued to provide psychological and social support to our citizens who have lost their relatives due to the Coronavirus.

We provide psychosocial support to our compatriots who have lost relatives due to the pandemic, both in person and over the phone.

By taking the necessary measures within the framework of the rules set by the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Council in the governorate, and we seek with this service to mitigate the psychological effects of the epidemic on our citizens.

Minister Derya Yanik stated that in addition to those who have lost relatives, those affected by the pandemic and those in need of psychosocial support can get this service free of charge.


This is through the regional directorate for family and social services and the social service centers in the governorate in which they live.