A new crisis in the royal family: a money-laundering investigation


A new donation scandal erupted after it was revealed that a Russian businessman had previously been convicted of money laundering.

He was trying to donate half a million pounds to Prince Charles’ charities, as an investigation has been opened into the funds received by the foundation.


Prince Charles was caught in the middle of a new donation scandal after it was revealed that the Russian businessman, previously convicted of money laundering, was trying to donate half a million pounds to his charities.

Prince Charles wrote a thank you letter to 51-year-old banker Dimitri Leos last year.

This is after donating £535,000 to the Prince’s Foundation and offering to meet the heir to the throne face to face once the pandemic quarantine measures are over.

But when the foundation’s ethics committee learned that Lewis had been convicted of money laundering in Russia, they decided they could not accept the money even if that conviction was overturned.

According to news reported by the Sunday Times, the 6-figure donation has not been returned.


He said his donation had been transferred to Children & the Arts, another Prince Charles charity.

While this institution denied receiving the funds, it stated that it is in the process of liquidation.

The Scottish Charitable Action Regulator (OSRC), which has launched a formal investigation into the foundation, also stated that:

“The responsibility of all charity trustees who manage and control a charitable organization is to act in the best interest of the charitable organization, and also always fulfill their statutory duty to do so.

In particular, all funds must be directed towards the charity’s purposes, “they must ensure that it is spent in order to access it and use the donations appropriately.”