73 casualties in the past 24 hours in Spain


In the Corona virus epidemic in Spain, 73 people died during the past 24 hours, and 5,000 701 new cases were discovered.

And in the COVID-19 data updated by the Ministry of Health, the number of cases detected in every 100,000 people across the country has decreased to 166, with the decline continuing over the past two weeks.

With 73 deaths recorded in the country since yesterday until today, the total loss of life reached 79,281 cases, and the number of injuries reached 3 million and 598 thousand and 452. The Basque and Madrid autonomous administrations continued in the places where the epidemic intensified.


Madrid ranks first for its ICU occupancy rate

The Ministry announced that 7 thousand and 375 patients with Coronavirus are currently undergoing treatment in hospitals, 1931 of them are in intensive care.

Madrid also ranks first, with 38 percent of the occupancy rate in intensive care units.

The state of emergency in the country ended on May 9

The nationwide state of emergency that had been in place for nearly 7 months due to the pandemic and a nighttime curfew was ended on May 9.

On the other hand, it was reported that a small number of spectators would be accepted into the football and basketball league matches in the country in the final weeks of the season.