“Your days are numbered,” a nurse is arrested for threating Kamala Harris


A nurse has been arrested in Miami, Florida for plotting to murder US Vice President Kamala Harris.

On Saturday, Florida State Police arrested a nurse who threatened Vice President Kamala Harris with death.

Nivian Petit Phelps (39 years), a nurse and mother from Miami, Florida, accused of recording and sending several videos to her husband.

In it, she discussed the killing of the Vice President, according to the “Miami Herald” newspaper.

The lawsuit stated that she “made threats to kill the US Vice President and to inflict bodily harm on her with knowledge and intent”.

These threats were received from February 13 to February 18, according to the “Business Insider” magazine website.

A CNN report said that the Secret Service intercepted communications between Phelps and her imprisoned husband on the “JPay” platform, which allows prisoners to communicate with their families.

In the video, Phelps is shown expressing her hatred for Camilla and US President Joe Biden, among other characters.

In one of the videos, Phelps said, “Kamala Harris, you will die, your days are already numbered,” according to the details of the lawsuit.

And in another video, she hears Phelps saying, “I’m going to the shooting range, I swear by God, today is the one you will die on, 50 days from now, remember this day”.


CNN explained that Phelps was photographed at the shooting range, and she requested a permit for the concealed weapon during the following days.

On March 3, investigators and Secret Service agents attempted to visit Phelps in order to meet her, but she resisted.

And the attempt was repeated three days later, and here Phelps expressed her anger that Harris was the Vice President of the United States.

According to the investigations, the reason that Phelps, which is an African American citizen is so angry with Harris is that she is not really black.

Although Harris is originally from a black, South Asian and Jamaican background.

She falsely claimed that Harris placed her hand in her handbag instead of on the Bible during an oath on the day of the inauguration of the US President and Vice President, which angered her.

Phelps lost her job in Miami Hospital, and she may be sentenced to five years in prison if the charges are proven.