What is the goal of Erdogan’s supporters in discussing withdrawal from NATO?


The National Movement Party leader called on Erdogan’s government to seriously consider the issue of Turkey’s withdrawal from the NATO military alliance.

According to international news agencies, the sky of relations between Ankara and Washington is still cloudy and unstable.


And the current evidence indicates that there will be no news about the warmth of relations between the Biden government and the Erdogan government.

In his last speech, Erdogan criticized Biden, as did his coalition partner, Bahçeli National Movement leader, the US president.

All this while General Yaşar Güler, Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, met with his US counterpart, Mark Milley, at a meeting of NATO military leaders in Brussels.

No details have been released about the content of the meeting between the NATO generals, but the evidence shows that neither the United States nor Turkey’s team is willing to take a step on the Russian S-400 missile system.

Of course, this is not the whole story, and it is not possible to summarize all of the differences between Ankara and Washington over the arms embargo and even the dispute over the S400 and F-35s.

Because after Joe Biden took action to acknowledge the historical allegations of 1915 regarding the Armenian Genocide, it is safe to say that relations between Turkey and the United States have reached their worst condition in decades.


Erdogan to Biden: Your hands are stained with blood

Just hours before Joe Biden recognized the Armenian genocide in 1915 at the hands of the Ottoman army, he called himself Erdogan, and summoned the chief national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, to talk with Erdogan’s spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, and Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken spoke with his counterpart Mevlüt Çavuşolu.

In one night, three important contacts were made between the White House and the Presidential Palace in Ankara.

But what is the outcome of these three calls?

Two important results:

  1. Biden is determined to acknowledge the issue of the Armenian Genocide.
  2. Despite the differences, it is better for Biden and Erdogan to meet at the next NATO summit in Brussels.

Perhaps because of the promise of this meeting, the AKP-led media were not allowed to show dangerous fire against the United States.

But from this relative calm, we have now reached a point where Erdogan talks about Joe Biden’s bloodstained hands.

Saying, “Mr. Biden, you forced us to say this. You write history with your bloodstained hands. We have seen 850,000 American weapons sold to Israel.”

“You, who until yesterday defended the so-called massacre of Armenians, now support the countless Israeli attacks on the residents of Gaza.”


Withdrawal from NATO

After Erdogan’s statements about Biden’s bloodstained hands, the National Movement, an ally of the AKP, came forward by raising the following issues not only through sharp tweets, but also with direct speech and a statement:

1- The Turkish nation has to defend Jerusalem and do something. If the United States doesn’t stop, let the American forces leave Korea.

2. In the event of the American resistance to Turkey, the issue of withdrawing from NATO should be raised very seriously, and this proposal should be discussed.

Bahçeli’s comments came at a time when Turkish media reported that he had an unpublished meeting with Erdogan yesterday.

It is said that in a detailed conversation between Erdogan and Bahçeli, in addition to the issue of Palestine and the issue of confrontation with the United States, the war against the PKK and the details of the killing of several high-ranking PKK leaders were discussed.

The relationship between Jerusalem and Kirkuk

Perhaps one of the strangest statements of the leader of the National Movement Party is his view of comparing the situations in Kirkuk, Iraq, Kashgar, China and Jerusalem.

The leader of the far-right National Movement Party said, “Jerusalem, Kashgar, Kirkuk and Istanbul are closely linked through history, with culture and religious beliefs.”

Without one, the other is either incomplete or mentally broken.

We know the fate and will of our nation and the goals of Satan. We are waiting for Judgment Day.

Jerusalem is the first pain to our bloody eyes, our first love, our first direction, the eternal confidence in our ascension and the eternal pride of our faith.

He added, “Since we do not limit ourselves to Kashgar, and we will not give up on Kirkuk, so we will not leave Jerusalem and we will not be affected by the Zionist conspiracies.”

Bahçeli’s statements come in light of serious differences between the political situation in Kirkuk and the Iraqi Turkmen, East Turkestan, Kashgar, China and Jerusalem.

It seems that Bahçeli’s important request is to continue to use the nationalist discourse, and these are slogans to please the party fans.


What do the communists say?

Despite the victory of Doğu Perinçek, leader of the Communist Party in Turkey, with only 95 thousand votes in the recent presidential elections in Turkey, he remains one of Erdogan’s allies in the field of media and internal propaganda.

Given the Communist Party’s anti-American rhetoric and support for China and Russia, it and its supporters were given space for propaganda to distance itself from NATO, the West and the United States.

Recently, Doğu Perinçek stated that the actions of the Zionist entity in Gaza are intolerable crimes, and since the United States is the main supporter of the Zionist regime in committing these crimes, the government must, in addition to studying the feasibility of leaving NATO, to fully control the American base in Korea.

The importance of the Jake Military base lies in the fact that it plays an important role in coordinating NATO’s radar networks in Europe.


When Washington accuses Erdogan

It seems that Erdogan’s recent statements about Joe Biden and the use of the phrase “the US president’s bloody hand” and the use of the phrase “the terrorist state of Israel” have become a bit costly.

As a result, the US State Department issued a statement regarding President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s response to the Israeli attacks on Jerusalem and Gaza.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price described Erdogan’s statements as anti-Semitic and rejected the speech and strongly condemned it.


An analysis of the overall dimensions of the above image illustrates the fact that taking a hard-line stance against the United States and the Israeli regime does not mean Turkey’s withdrawal from NATO and the withdrawal of US forces, but it has become an important political issue for Turkey.

The adoption of these positions on the eve of the NATO summit has great political significance.

It remains to be seen whether there will be a new change in relations after the adoption of these positions and the Brussels meeting.