“Letters without dots”… a ploy tweeting in Egypt to support Palestine


In an attempt to circumvent the “algorithms” of the communication platforms that have tightened the screws on publications supporting the Palestinian cause.

Egyptian tweeters have resorted to using apps that strip dots from the letters to ensure the continuation of online support for the Palestinian uprising.


The algorithms of social media platforms are software and automatic equations that social media sites use, most notably Facebook and Twitter, to measure the quality of the posts, photos and videos posted on those sites.

And in conjunction with the “brutal” Israeli attacks on the Palestinian territories.

The pioneers of social media platforms in Egypt launched hashtags in solidarity with the Palestinians, but many of them were banned under the pretext of “violating standards.”

In order to disperse the algorithms of these platforms, the tweeters in Egypt resorted to using the ancient, unstolved Arabic writing.

Using electronic applications, points are removed from letters, and others have added periods, commas, and foreign letters in the middle of Arabic words.


Among these tweets was what the activist Najla Mustafa wrote, in which she said: “I am a Palestinian, a country, a land, and an Israeli is a local one who has no home.”

On her tweet, Mustafa meant: “Palestine is Arab and will remain Arab, and the land is our land, and Israel is an occupier that has no land or home.”

According to a report issued by the Arab Center for the Development of Social Media (non-governmental / Palestinian) on May 9.

Hundreds of publications and accounts documenting Israeli violations were deleted, so that the volume of content removal and account suspension cases became clear and explicit evidence of the systematic targeting of this content.


The Center called on “Facebook and Twitter to immediately stop exercising censorship, restore accounts and the content of Palestinian voices, open an investigation into the deletions and remove, and share investigations in a public and transparent manner.”

The two sites have not commented on these accusations to date, but they usually confirm that they are working to protect freedom of expression for everyone.

On Thursday, the Israeli aggression on Gaza entered its 11th day, and the number of its victims reached 230 martyrs, including 65 children, 39 women and 17 elderly, and in addition to 1710 wounded, according to the Ministry of Health.

While 29 Palestinians, including 4 children, were killed, and nearly 7,000 were wounded in the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, during clashes with the Israeli army.

They use live and metal bullets and tear gas canisters to disperse protesters.