What is a UNICO Organization in Turkey? What is its role and goals ?

UNICO organization

UNICO is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-political and non-commercial organization comprising of a group of volunteer members, lawyers, sociologists, psychologists, counselors and experts from Amnesty International and volunteers to improve improving the lives of migrants and asylum seekers from the beginning of the migration route to the intended destination, UNICO started its activities in 2017.

UNICO was established on a voluntary basis and as a non-governmental organization in Ankara, Turkey, and operates internationally and has branches in Canada, Austria, Germany, Australia, and others, the organization is run by allied sponsors and real and legal volunteer members.

Some important points about UNICO in Turkey:

The evaluation of UNICO in Turkey, Advice sessions with the organization’s experts and lawyers in the field of immigration – psychology – business – legal affairs are free of charge.

The organization focuses on support and advice programs aimed at empowering immigrants and their constructive participation with the international community, UNico has specialized departments covering all international legal services and advocacy services currently in Turkey and the only official office in Ankara to help immigrants seeking support services.

What is the role of the UNICO organisation in Turkey ?

This organization plays an effective role for applicants in the following areas:

  • Legal advice to get the best out of the case
  • Successful presence in the country of destination upon arrival
  • Improved mental state, increased motivation and the ability to continue on the path
  • Low cost legal immigration
  • Support entrepreneurial ideas
  • Create creative works

UNICO organisation in Turkey, with the support of its allied sponsors, assists applicants in a project to empower immigrants in the fields of business, psychology, mental health, immigration and legal affairs. This agency accepts part of the large UNico organization operating in other countries among those interested in the special benefits of active and legal members.

Aspirations of UNICO organisation in Turkey :

  • UNICO will be the world’s only reassuring guide to aid migrants and asylum seekers.
  • UNICO will be a trusted guide, facilitator and guide for immigrants in life.
  • Every immigrant in the world is an ambassador of peace, and a lofty and effective human being who plays an important and effective role in inheriting growth and the valuable goals of the international community.

Activities and missions of UNICO organisation in Turkey :

  • Create effective face-to-face informational and seminars
  • Conducting concerts and supportive artistic events, research, educational and strategic conferences on improving the lives of migrants and asylum seekers and constructive interaction with immigrant countries
  • Printing the organizational leaflet (UNi magazine) electronically and the printed magazine. Sending letters, articles and news coverage of life issues and social interactions, and presenting successful models etc.
  • The launch of the UNI TV network dedicated to migrants, which reflects the lives of migrants and the cultural and social challenges of migrants and asylum seekers
  • Offering free services in the fields of legal and psychological counseling, personal excellence, business, entrepreneurship, startups, and legal immigration
  • Providing social services and following up on international consular and diplomatic services
  • Offer help, treatment, support and livelihood
  • Helping to set up collective actions with the joint cooperation of migrants, asylum seekers and citizens of immigrant countries

Goals of UNICO organization in Turkey :

  • Empowering migrants and refugees in their private lives
  • Positive interaction of immigrants with the community of immigrant countries
  • Helping migrants to play a role in the destination community and residing outside their home country
  • Raising awareness among migrants and refugees of the relevant international laws and regulations and the United Nations
  • Stimulating and raising life expectancy to improve the lives and mental health of immigrants
  • Helping migrants and travelers in need on the way
  • Create a culture of closeness, empowerment, and unity of migrants and asylum seekers
  • Create a volunteer department for human rights to support migrants
  • Create UNi News, the largest source of information for migrants and asylum seekers
  • Searching for talent and discovering new ideas to help create opportunities to develop new businesses, with the goal of making asylum seekers and migrants more influential in the international community.
  • Establishing an educational academy in the field of counseling and assistance in the field of aid and migration
  • Create a bridge for communication and interaction with relevant organizations and institutions in the field of migrant protection
  • Pay special attention to the mental health of vulnerable groups, especially children
  • Disseminating motivational and educational podcasts aimed at reducing stress and facilitating socialization
  • Holding literary, artistic and sports competitions and training courses in cooperation with volunteer trainers

The staff of UNICO organization in Turkey :

Members of the founding council of the organization :

In accordance with the objectives stipulated in the Unico statute, the organization includes five members, and the duties of each natural and legal member of the first association are specified in the articles of association.

The rendering :

The meeting is a staff meeting held annually or in important cases and its duties are to agree to the provisions of the statute and the important issues that are formed in the presence of two-thirds of the members of the association, the subject of these meetings is the presentation of the annual reports of the secretary and the election of the central council, the inspector and the alternate members, this council is held every two years or in  In case of necessity, or the resignation of the secretary, at the invitation of the Central Council.

Central Council :

As a board of directors, they cooperate with the organization from which the secretary is elected, it consists of 5 members, and they are responsible for cooperating and accompanying the secretary to achieve the goals of the organization.

Member alternative causes :

A sixth person shall be elected to take his place in the event of the resignation of any member of the Central Council.

Inspector :

Systematic monitoring of the activities of the organization towards established goals.

Secretary General :

The executive director of organizational activities and who is responsible for achieving the goals stipulated in the statute, with full authority, can select departmental directors and representatives and manage the organization’s performance.

Appointment of honorary members and accompanying the secretary of the organization as a consultant and providing services to clients in mental health, legal issues, startups, etc.

Vice President for Media and Events :

It generally covers the liaison duties of the secretary and also acts as a senior system communications consultant.

Media policy-making :

Activity information:

  • Attract participation and interaction with effective news and media
  • Reflection of activities according to set goals in order to attract the largest possible audience to the target group
  • UNICO spokesperson
  • Media planning and messages
  • Determine how to communicate with affiliated associations and organizations

Educational assistant :

It works in two divisions of systematic and non-organizational training and works on curricular activities, improving productivity of members’ activities and designing courses in order to align and converge effective group activities.

Financial assistant :

Monitor UNico’s financial system, prepare and compile financial reports and plan the system for processing financial resources

Department of Public Relations and International Relations :

It directs the UNICO communication with the media, as well as the task of holding press conferences and opinion polls, planning for effective communication among the members of the organization, planning and implementing various projects aimed at interaction with similar organizations.

Department for organizing and attracting spiritual and financial sponsors :

This section, in cooperation with other departments and forming headquarters on events, works regularly to attract the financial and spiritual sponsors of the system, this department can attract sponsors in various ways with the aim of establishing joint projects with other organizations, the advertisement is placed and designs are evaluated by this department.

Representatives of branches and agencies :

Planning and supervision of establishing branches and agencies all over the world is carried out by this representative.

It is composed of expert and volunteer attorneys who work together on the legal issues required by the organization and provide the necessary advice to clients.

Department of Business and Creativity :

In this section, the ideas of asylum seekers and immigrants are organized and after the evaluation, actions are taken to implement the ideas according to the goals of the organization, planning and support for their implementation, ideas are recorded by the attorney of the legal department, under the name of Idea Parda, this section attracts investors and also plays a role in the process of establishing companies  Emerging to accelerate business, and accompaniment in this section lead to positive interaction of members, clients and citizens of the immigrant community on projects.

This department works in the field of recruiting members and organizing effective activities for real, legal and honorary members.

Full Members:

Collaborate personally and voluntarily with the organization through membership application and approval of the secretary, they have the right to vote in the association and they can cooperate in the department according to their backgrounds and skills.

It consists of registered institutions and companies, which can cooperate with the organization as a legal member and as a service to the target audience in accordance with the objectives of the system.

Honorary members:

It consists of people of reputable, professional and experienced, who work with the secretary of the organization as a consultant while helping in achieving the goals of the organization.

Department of Counseling and Psychological Counseling and Mental Health:

It is made up of mental health activists who cooperate in providing counseling to clients in accordance with the goals of the organization given the great importance of mental health and the consequences of migratory injuries.

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