Uskudar University in Istanbul – Admission Requirements and Tuition Fees


It is impossible that you have not yet heard of Uskudar University in Turkey because it is unique in the field of therapy and mental health.

Uskudar University is one of the best private universities in Turkey.


This university has a good reputation in the fields of psychiatry and behavioral and mental health.

Stay with us until the end of the article to learn everything about Uskudar University in Istanbul in Turkey.

Introduction to Uskudar University

Uskudar University is a private non-profit university founded in 2011 by NPİSTANBUL BRAIN group, the leader in the fields of therapy, psychological rehabilitation, mental health and the use of MRI technologies in Turkey.

This group established the first laboratory for psychoneurology in Turkey, and after the establishment of the University of Uskudar this laboratory and other laboratories became one of the most important scientific research laboratories at the University of Uskudar.

The main campus of the university is located in Asian side of Istanbul, Uskudar district, one of the most famous districts in Istanbul, specifically Altunizade district, one of the central districts of the region.


The University provides its students with the latest scientific technologies, and it also contributes mainly to the development of the field of neurology at the global level.

In addition to what we mentioned earlier, Uskudar University has a recruitment center aimed at supporting students to start their career, where the center trains students, conducts specialized training courses and various seminars, and also provides counseling and mentoring services to students.

Rank of Uskudar University

Uskudar University works closely with leading European universities, and it is a member of the Erasmus student exchange program.

  • Uskudar University rating nationally: 34
  • Uskudar university world ranking: 3665


Goals of Uskudar University

  • Uskudar University seeks to develop high-quality academic programs for education and training.
  • To become a global leader and contribute to the development of society.
  • To provide education and training in line with EU and global standards.
  • To be one of the top 500 universities in the world by 2023.

Features of Uskudar University

  • Provision of educational and research facilities, especially in the fields of Science and health.
  • Conducting activities that seek to provide solutions to society’s problems, improve and develop.
  • The University applies the latest methods and techniques in education and training, where it relies on advanced technology in all fields.
  • The university has partnerships with several European universities, in addition to being a member of the Erasmus student exchange program globally.
  • The university has libraries that provide all kinds of references that students need.
  • It is one of the most important private universities in Turkey due to its reliance on scientific research techniques and providing advanced teaching methods that encourage students to think.
  • The university is distinguished in the teaching of various medical specialties in both undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Uskudar University teaches its programs in either Turkish or English.


Documents required to apply for admission to Skudar University

  • Copy of passport.
  • Translated copy of the High School Certificate.
  • Personal photo.

You can apply at Uskudar University via the official website of the University :

Tuition fees in faculties and majors available at Uskudar University

Uskudar University has many faculties and specialties distributed as follows:

(Note: the fees shown are applicable for one year only)

Bachelor’s degree at Uskudar University

SpecializationYears of studyLanguageFees before discountFees after discount
Medicine6English14.250 $14.250 $
Dentistry5Turkish12.350 $12.350 $
Bioengineering4English3.705 $3.000 $
Chemical engineering4English3.705 $3.000 $
Computer engineering4English3.705 $3.000 $
Industrial engineering4English3.705 $3.000 $
Electrical and electronics engineering4English3.705 $3.000 $
Molecular biology and genetics4English3.705 $3.000 $
Software engineering4English3.705 $3.000 $
Political science and international relations4English3.705 $3.000 $
Psychology4English3.705 $3.000 $
English translation and interpretation4English3.705 $3.000 $
Psychology4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Advertising4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Press4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
History4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Cartoon and animation4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Public relations and Publicity4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Visual Communication Design4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Radio, Film and television4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Philosophy4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Sociology4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Modern media and communication4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Social work4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Political science and international relations4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Forensic science4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Molecular biology and genetics4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Audiology4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Child Development4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Nursing4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Health department4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Midwifery4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Nutrition and diet4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Occupational Health and safety4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Occupational therapy4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Orthotics and prosthetics4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Blood perfusion4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Physiotherapy and rehabilitation4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Language and speech therapy4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Management Information Systems4Turkish3.040 $2.500 $
Vocational school for health sciences programs2Turkish2.280 $1.806 $
Preparatory year for language study4 levelsTurkish1.000 $1.000 $
Preparatory year for language study1English3.705 $3.000 $


Master degree at Uskudar University

SpecializationSystem MasterLanguageFees before discount for the programFees after rebate for the program
Master electrical and electronics engineeringwithout Master’s thesisEnglish2.755 $2.565 $
Master electrical and electronics engineeringMaster’s thesisEnglish3.135 $2.945 $
Master computer engineeringMaster’s thesisEnglish3.135 $2.945 $
Master computer engineeringwithout Master’s thesisEnglish2.755 $2.565 $
Master computer engineeringMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master computer engineeringwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master information securityMaster’s thesisEnglish3.135 $2.945 $
Master information securitywithout Master’s thesisEnglish2.755 $2.565 $
Master information securityMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master information securitywithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master of artificial intelligence engineeringMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of artificial intelligence engineeringwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master of Chemical EngineeringMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master engineering managementMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master in international relationswithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master in international relationsMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of Child DevelopmentMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of Child Developmentwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master of media and cultural studiesMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of media and cultural studieswithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master of modern media and journalismMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of modern media and journalismwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master Neural marketingMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master Neural marketingwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master of philosophyMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of philosophywithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master in Visual Communication DesignMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master in Visual Communication Designwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master addiction and Rehabilitation CounselingMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master addiction and Rehabilitation Counselingwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master of Child Health NursingMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of Child Health Nursingwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master in women’s health nursingMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master in women’s health nursingwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master nursing internal diseasesMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master nursing internal diseaseswithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master of psychiatric nursingMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of psychiatric nursingwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master in nutrition and DieteticsMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master in nutrition and Dieteticswithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master of Community Mental Health Nursingwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master of Health InformaticsMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of Health Informaticswithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master of Health AdministrationMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of Health Administrationwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master neuroscienceMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master neurosciencewithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Occupational Health and safety masterMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Occupational Health and safety masterwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $1.758 $
Master occupational therapyMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master occupational therapywithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master physical therapy and rehabilitationMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master physical therapy and rehabilitationwithout Master’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.565 $
Master of social serviceMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of social servicewithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master speech and language therapyMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master biotechnologyMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master biotechnologywithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master bioinformaticsMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Bioengineering masterMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Bioengineering masterwithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master family counselingMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of sociologyMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master in Molecular BiologyMaster’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master in Molecular Biologywithout Master’s thesisTurkish2.755 $2.565 $
Master criminal computer crimesMaster’s thesisTurkish4.132 $3.943 $
Master criminal computer crimeswithout Master’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master analytics and crime preventionMaster’s thesisTurkish4.132 $3.943 $
Master analytics and crime preventionwithout Master’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master’s in crime scene investigation and criminologyMaster’s thesisTurkish4.132 $3.943 $
Master’s in crime scene investigation and criminologywithout Master’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of Forensic ChemistryMaster’s thesisTurkish4.132 $3.943 $
Master of Forensic Chemistrywithout Master’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of Molecular Biology in forensicMaster’s thesisTurkish4.132 $3.943 $
Master of Molecular Biology in forensicwithout Master’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of forensic geneticsMaster’s thesisTurkish4.132 $3.943 $
Master of forensic geneticswithout Master’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of forensic nursing-midwiferyMaster’s thesisTurkish4.132 $3.943 $
Master of forensic nursing-midwiferywithout Master’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of Forensic PsychologyMaster’s thesisTurkish4.132 $3.943 $
Master of Forensic Psychologywithout Master’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master of forensic pharmacology and toxicologyMaster’s thesisTurkish4.132 $3.943 $
Master of forensic pharmacology and toxicologywithout Master’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Master biosecurityMaster’s thesisTurkish4.132 $3.943 $
Master of criminal justiceMaster’s thesisTurkish4.132 $3.943 $
Master of criminal justicewithout Master’s thesisTurkish3.135 $2.945 $
Sufi culture and literature (SufismMaster’s thesisTurkish5.130 $4.940 $
Sufi culture and literature (Sufismwithout Master’s thesisTurkish3.895 $3.705 $
Master of Applied PsychologyMaster’s thesisTurkish5.700 $5.510 $
Master of Applied Psychologywithout Master’s thesisTurkish4.323 $4.133 $
Master of Clinical PsychologyMaster’s thesisTurkish9.548 $9.236 $
Master of Clinical Psychologywithout Master’s thesisTurkish7.790 $7.600 $
Scientific preparation course feesTurkish360 $360 $


PhD Program at Uskudar University

SpecializationDuration of studyLanguageFees before discountFees after discount
PhD psychology4Turkish11.590 $11.400 $
PhD forensic science4Turkish6.555 $6.365 $
Doctor of Health Management4Turkish$ 6.555$ 6.365
PhD in modern media and communication4Turkish$ 6.555$ 6.365
PhD Occupational Health and safety4Turkish6.555 $6.365 $
PhD speech-language therapy4Turkish7.553 $6.963 $
PhD in nursing4Turkish7.553 $6.963 $
PhD neuroscience4Turkish7.553 $6.963 $
PhD molecular neuroscience4Turkish7.553 $6.963 $

Two-year diploma at Uskudar University

SpecializationYears of studyLanguageFees before discountFees after discount
Technology of dental compensation2Turkish2400$1806$
Pharmacy services2Turkish2400$1806$
Biomedical device technology2Turkish2400$1806$
Child Development2Turkish2400$1806$
Assistance in autopsies2Turkish2400$1806$
Care and rehabilitation of people with special2Turkish2400$1806$
Occupational Health and safety2Turkish2400$1806$
Social work2Turkish2400$1806$
Social service2Turkish2400$1806$
Social Security2Turkish2400$1806$
Radiation therapy2Turkish2400$1806$
Perfusion techniques2Turkish2400$1806$
Disaster and Emergency Management2Turkish2400$1806$
First aid and emergency2Turkish2400$1806$
Elderly care2Turkish2400$1806$
Environmental Health and safety2Turkish2400$1806$
Food technology2Turkish2400$1806$
Management of health institutions2Turkish2400$1806$
Health Information Systems Technologies2Turkish2400$1806$
Laboratory Technology Medical2Turkish2400$1806$
Prosthetics and orthotics2Turkish2400$1806$
Pathology laboratory techniques2Turkish2400$1806$
Patient care at home2Turkish2400$1806$
Physical therapy2Turkish2400$1806$
Operating room services2Turkish2400$1806$
Nuclear technology and radiation safety2Turkish2400$1806$
Oral and dental health2Turkish2400$1806$
Medical marketing2Turkish2400$1806$
Medical imaging techniques2Turkish2400$1806$
Medical documentation and secretarial2Turkish2400$1806$