Study medicine in Turkey – All you want to know


Many students dream of studying medicine and consider this field to be the most appropriate field to continue their studies and enter the labor market, as every year many students choose Turkey as a destination to study medicine because medical education in Turkey is very affordable.

In this article, we will discuss studying medicine in Turkey, admission requirements for medicine, tuition fees in this field, the best universities to study medicine, and we will discuss these topics in detail and we hope that all your questions will be answered.

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Educational approach to studying medicine in Turkey

The educational approach to medicine is different for each academic year, and is divided as follows:

  • In the first and second years of education, as in other countries, education is based on the basic sciences.
  • In the third year, you can learn about diseases theoretically and practically.
  • The fourth and fifth years consist of clinical practical training.
  • In the sixth, which is a final year of medical education, doctors are screened at university hospitals, where they are taught practically as a regular doctor, at this stage students also receive a small salary.

Admission requirements for medical study in Turkey

To study medicine in Turkey, the student must enroll in the college for one year in order to prepare for the university entrance exam.

It can be said that enrollment in the college before specializing in the medical field is mandatory in all countries of the world, and the applicant must obtain a medical education in Turkey and spend this first year until they are ready to study.

The duration of general medicine education in Turkish universities is 6 years, and the general medicine admission examination is held in all cities, but the admission examination for the specialization course in this country is only held in Ankara.

Some universities do not require the TOEFL or IELTS test to study medicine in Turkey, but others will require this test depending on the language of study.


Admission exam to study medicine in Turkey

As mentioned,to study medicine in Turkey must pass the university admission examination, there are two types of exams, the YÖS exam and the SAT exam.

YÖS Test

The YÖS test is intended for admission to public universities and the SAT test is intended for admission to private universities, and the student must obtain a passing score.

The YÖS test is administered separately by the university.

In this way, the applicant chooses the university that they want to study medicine in and then takes part in this test.

SAT Test

The number of participants in the SAT test to study medicine in Turkey is increasing annually, this test includes a total of 1000 branches around the world.

In medical education in Turkey, this test is intended for English speaking students who intend to study in English language universities in Turkey.

This test is a form of evaluation for students and is intended for students aged 18 years and over.

This test is one of the most used tests to study medicine in Turkey.


The first part of this test is dedicated to intelligence and English language questions, while the second part is to measure basic science information.

The average score for this test for medical education in Turkey is 1068, which changes every year, and a good score is determined based on the college and university, and there is no specific time for taking this test as each university chooses a specific time to take it.

TUS Test

After passing the SAT or YÖS exams, the next step is to pass the TUS test, which is a test that is only taken for students who intend to study medicine in Turkey.

This test measures the extent of your knowledge of general medical information.

If the student passes these two tests successfully, they can join the study course.

The specialty exam to study medicine in Turkey is held in Ankara in September and April, and the result is usually announced after about 24 hours, so if a student can get 60 points out of 100, they will pass.

Turkish Medical University

In general, medical universities in Turkey are divided into public and private, and students can enroll in any of them to study medicine in Turkey, the main difference is the level of costs.

Best universities to study medicine in Turkey:

  • Yeditepe University
  • Koç University
  • Istanbul University
  • Karabük University
  • Aydin University
  • Uskudar University
  • Medipol University
  • Atilim University
  • Okan University


Documents required for studying medical in Turkey

Each student must submit certain documents for admission and study in Turkey, the documents necessary to study medicine in Turkey are:

  • The application form (filled out)
  • Certificate of Secondary Education (High School)
  • Certificate in English if you will be studying in English
  • Financial capability
  • The application fee to study medicine in Turkey ranges from 35 to 100 dollars
  • Passing the admission test

Terms of obtaining a study visa

Once you are accepted into a university, the time will come to take a medical entrance examination in Turkey, you must prepare some documents to obtain a student visa for Turkey and go to the Turkish embassy with these documents.

The documents that you must submit to the Turkish embassy are as follows:

  • University admission letter
  • Visa application form from the Turkish embassy
  • A valid passport
  • Visa fee (varies according to your nationality)
  • Photographs

The process of obtaining a visa from the Turkish consulate takes about eight weeks, and you must also apply for a residence permit within one month after entering Turkey, the residence permit application is submitted at the police department.

The cost of studying medicine in Turkey

Tuition fees are important for any student, as the reasonable cost of studying in this country has encouraged many applicants to study medicine in Turkey.

Fees for studying medicine in Turkey in public universities range between $ 240 and $ 1500 per year.

But tuition fees in private universities range from $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 annually.

But since it is a little difficult to pass the YÖS exam, as there is intense competition among students for that, many students resort to registering in private universities.


Getting a scholarship to study medicine in Turkey

If the student can pass the YÖS exam, which is the public university exam, then the individual pays a maximum of $ 1500 per year to the university, and if the student can get excellent grades within the first or second year, he/she can obtain a scholarship in Turkey.

In general, applicants can study medicine in Turkey for free through these scholarships, and it may also be important for applicants to study medicine in Turkey that in recent years some public universities have offered free places to stay for their students, which has attracted many international students to study in Turkey.


Frequently Asked Questions on Medicine Study in Turkey

How long is medical study in Turkey?

Medicine study in Turkey is 6 years.

Can I study medicine in Turkey without taking the YÖS or SAT tests?

Students who want to study medicine in Turkey without testing YÖS or SAT can study in private universities in Turkey.

What is the approximate cost to study medicine in Turkey?

The cost of medical study in Turkey is between $ 240 and $ 1500 in government universities and $ 25,000 in private universities.