Ukrainian president calls for more sanctions against Russia


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Thursday for more sanctions against Russia, accusing Moscow of “killing civilians and children” in his country.

Speaking from a distance to members of the Australian Parliament, Zelensky said: “The distance between our two countries is great.


But there is no distance for the brutality of the Russians in our Ukrainian land,” according to what was reported by the American “CNN” network.

“They are bombing our cities, they are killing our civilians and our children, they are laying siege to our cities, they are holding hundreds and thousands of people without food or water, they are kidnapping thousands of children to their lands,” he added.

The Ukrainian president warned of “significant repercussions on global security if Russia is not stopped,” stressing that his country has an “unbeatable dream.”

He called for more help from the Australian government “to support Ukraine in defending itself against Russia”.


There was no immediate comment from the Russian authorities about these accusations, but they usually consider them as “war propaganda.”

Recently, Australia imposed sanctions on more than 500 Russian individuals and entities, including the oligarchs with close ties to President Vladimir Putin, and the Russian Ministry of Finance.

Australia provided military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and also announced a ban on the export of aluminum ore to Russia.

Which depends on Australia to provide about 20 percent of its needs of this substance, according to the Australian government.

On February 24, Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, which was followed by angry international reactions and the imposition of “tough” economic and financial sanctions on Moscow.


Russia requires Ukraine to abandon any plans to join military entities, including the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, “NATO”, and to maintain complete neutrality, which Kyiv considers an “interference in its sovereignty” to end the operation.