Turkish Şırnak.. “Evil Valley” is the best for those fleeing the heat


The Eifel Valley in Şırnak, on the Turkish-Iraqi border, is a destination for nature lovers escaping from the summer heat, thanks to its charming landscapes and cold waters.


The valley is located in the district of “Olu Dera” in the state of Şırnak in the southeast of the country, 8 km from the village of “Orta Bagh”.

The length of the valley is about 3,000 meters, its depth is 140 meters, and the average depth of its waters is about two meters.

The valley has a special beauty in every season of the year, which makes it a center for attracting photography enthusiasts as well.

In an interview, the Turkish, Shafik Kara, said that he visits the valley with his friends on the weekends with the increase in temperatures in the summer.


He added that they visit the valley with the aim of swimming and hiking amidst the picturesque nature.

He expressed his hope to further promote the valley as a tourist destination, inviting everyone to visit it and enjoy its cool waters and charming nature in the summer.