Turkish “Humanitarian Relief” opens a school in Faso


The authority stated in a statement on Wednesday that the school was established in the village of “Ziga” in Yatenga province, with the support of donors in the village.


The statement added that the school was built in place of a school that was destroyed as a result of heavy rains, and the new school was named after “Mr. Muhammad Suruji Syed Baba for imams and preachers.”

He pointed out that the school includes 4 classes for females, 2 classes for males, an administrative office, a mosque, ablutions and bathrooms.

He emphasized that the school was built with the aim of teaching religious and scientific sciences in the region where the Muslim population is densely populated.


The statement pointed out that the authority dug a well in the school’s garden and provided it with a water tank for the benefit of the public. The school was completely covered with solar-powered lighting.