Turkish defense system “Gök Deniz” succeeds in launch tests


The Turkish close-range air defense system “Gök Deniz” has succeeded in launch tests from warships and hit high-speed targets with high accuracy.


The Turkish company, Aselsan, is developing the Gök Deniz system as part of a project launched by the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries, with the aim of meeting the naval forces’ needs for near-range air defense systems to protect naval platforms from threats.

The head of Defense Industries, Ismail Demir, announced the success of the “Gok Deniz” system in the launch tests through his account on Twitter.

“A holiday gift from defense industries,” Demir said. “The domestic air defense system, Gök Deniz, developed for the Turkish fleet, succeeded in the last launch test from a warship and hit high-speed targets with great accuracy.”

He explained that “Gök Deniz” will be ready “to enter service on board the frigate Istanbul by the end of this year (2022).”


This type of air defense system is known globally as Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) and is used to protect warships and naval platforms from anti-ship missiles, drones, helicopters and warplanes.

The “Gok Deniz” is equipped with a 35 mm firing barrel, tracking radar and electro-optical sensors. Thanks to the radar and sensors, the system can identify and follow the target, determine the priority of the threat, and then lock the target, follow it and eliminate it automatically.

The system uses a 35 mm double weapon produced by the Turkish Mechanical and Chemical Industries Company, which can fire 1,100 rounds per minute, and uses special ammunition jointly produced by “ASELSAN” and the Mechanical and Chemical Industries Company.


The Gök Deniz system is characterized by the ability to supply different types of ammunition at the same time and to choose the appropriate ones to fire according to the type of target.

In addition to air targets, the “Gok Deniz” system can be used to defend against land targets and over water as well.

All components and sub-systems of Gök Deniz such as weapons, ammunition, radars, electro-optical sensors, motion systems and control capabilities are completely locally produced and developed.


Few countries have the ability to develop and produce near-range air defense systems, and therefore many friendly and brotherly countries show great interest in Gök Deniz.