Turkish Defense Celebrates the 106th Anniversary of “Kut Al-Amarah”


The Turkish Ministry of Defense celebrated the 106th anniversary of the victory of the Battle of Kot Al-Amara, which the Turkish army achieved against the British forces.


The ministry stated in a statement on Friday that the British launched an attack against the Turkish forces withdrawing from Salman Pak (near Baghdad) on November 21-22, 1915, and on November 23, the 51st Division of the Ottoman Army launched a counterattack from the north, forcing the British forces to retreat and withdraw and inflict losses. heavy in lives.”

The statement indicated that the retreating British took refuge in the Kut Al-Amara region on December 3, 1915.


The statement added: “Turkish forces led by Khalil Kut Pasha besieged the British positions that took shelter in Kut al-Amarah on December 8, 1915. The siege lasted for 4 months and 23 days, and the British commander, General Charles Townsend, who could not stand this siege, was forced to surrender with all his soldiers on April 29. 1916”.

And she added, “The siege ended with the capture of 13,300 British soldiers, as this victory took its place in history as the greatest success of the Turkish army after the victory in the Battle of Çanakkale in the First World War.”


The statement said: “After the Battle of Canak Qala, the British were defeated for the second time by the Ottoman Empire in Kut Al-Amarah. On the 106th anniversary of this victory, we salute with mercy and respect the memory of our heroic ancestors who sacrificed their lives and wrote a glorious epic.”