Turkey: 55 thousand migrants rescued since the beginning of 2020


The Turkish Coast Guard command announced on Friday that 55,000 migrants have been rescued on the country’s coasts since the beginning of 2020.


Sources from the Turkish Coast Guard stated that the migrants’ journeys to Europe by sea are witnessing tragic events after they were transported by smugglers’ boats.

She pointed out that the Greek forces repelling the migrants and forcing them to return increases the danger of these trips.

She explained that the Turkish Coast Guard crews continue their missions around the clock to ward off potential dangers at sea.

She added that the Turkish coast guard is working to ensure that there are no casualties among the migrants.


The sources stressed that the Turkish crews, using high-tech devices, are working to monitor irregular migration movements at sea, based on the slogan “Human life is the priority of the Coast Guard.”

In this context, she explained, the coast guard forces have saved the lives of 55,000 irregular migrants since the beginning of 2020.