Turkey’s general budget achieves a surplus in May


Last May, the Turkish general budget achieved a surplus of 143.9 billion liras (about 8.41 billion dollars).


The Ministry of Treasury and Finance said in a statement on Wednesday that the general budget surplus from January to May 2022, excluding interest payments, amounted to 246 billion and 504 million pounds (about 14.5 billion dollars).

It added that the budget expenditures between last January and May amounted to 959.8 billion pounds (about 56.41 billion dollars), while revenues amounted to 1 trillion and 84.4 billion pounds (about 62.8 billion dollars).

It indicated that the revenues of the general budget last May rose 203.9 percent, achieving 317 billion and 753 million pounds (about 18.64 billion dollars), compared to the same period in 2021.


Expenditures increased by 47.3 percent, recording 173 billion and 777 million pounds (about 10.17 billion dollars).