Erdogan: We will not change on Finland and Sweden joining NATO


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed that his country will not change its position on the accession of Sweden and Finland to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization “NATO”, until the two countries take “clear, tangible and decisive” steps in the fight against terrorism.


This came in a speech he delivered on Wednesday, during a meeting of the parliamentary bloc of his “Justice and Development Party” in the capital, Ankara.

President Erdoğan previously stressed that his country’s approval for Sweden and Finland to join NATO depends on the extent to which these two countries take into account Turkey’s security concerns.

In another context, the Turkish President stated that his country is aware of the plot being hatched against it via Greece.

He explained that Turkey will continue to strengthen its presence as a military, economic and political power at the regional and international levels.


A few days ago, Erdogan warned Greece and demanded it stay away from “actions and dreams that will lead to regret,” calling on it to give up arming the non-military islands in the Aegean Sea.