Unremitting Efforts to Preserve the Zogma Museum Mosaic Paintings


A team of Turkish technicians is taking care of the mosaic paintings in the Zugma Museum in Gaziantep (south) as an important part of cultural values.

After discovering any mosaic panel, its surface is cleaned and the size and position of the panel are drawn in three or two dimensions for the purpose of documentation. After that, the panel is coated with a special material to strengthen its surface and prevent it from collapsing.

Later, solid fabrics are placed on the surface, and a wooden panel is placed on the covered area, then the panel is carefully separated from the base. After that, the panel is turned over while being transported to the museum or laboratory warehouses, after which the restoration stage begins.


The director of the “Zugma” Museum in the state of Gaziantep (south), Ozgur Jumak, said that the museum has implemented special projects to protect artifacts from external factors since its opening in 2011.

He added that a specialized team is constantly working to clean the mosaic paintings in the museum using wet sponges and soft brushes.

In turn, team member Israa Nour Beligy said that the team is constantly examining the mosaic paintings in the museum and cleaning the paintings that accumulate dust.

She added that the team is working to provide the appropriate environmental conditions for the mosaic panels, with the aim of preserving them for the longest possible period.