Turkey, the sixth most vaccinated country in the world against Coronavirus


More than 825 million doses of vaccines have been manufactured to prevent coronavirus worldwide.

Turkey ranks sixth in the consumption of the Coronavirus vaccine.

In all, Turkey consumed 19 million, 380 thousand and 954 vaccine doses with countries of the world.

And according to http://ourworldindata.org, where the COVID-19 vaccine data was compiled.

The United States was the country with the largest number of vaccines in the world, with 192 million and 280,000 doses.

Then followed by China with 175 million and 620 thousand doses, and then India with 111 million and 180 thousand doses.

As for the rest of the countries, the UAE consumes 92.58 doses, Chile is 64.13 doses, Bhutan has 61.78 doses, and England has 59.08 doses.

In addition, Bahrain consumes 58.14 doses, followed by Malta with 56.48 doses, also, the Maldives 52.49, Monaco 52.26, and San Marino 52.17.


Classification of the world’s continents in vaccination against Covid-19

In the distribution of vaccines by continents, the Asian continent ranks first with 375 million and 860 thousand vaccines.

It is followed by North America with 216 million and 250 thousand, and Europe with 162 million and 640 thousand vaccines.

As for the continents and regions in the southern hemisphere, they are different from those in the north.

Where 55 million and 340 thousand doses of the vaccine were given in South America.

13 million and 680 thousand doses were given in Africa, and 1 million and 330 thousand doses were administered in Oceania.

Details about the statistics on vaccines used in Turkey


In Turkey, the number of vaccinations was large compared to other countries, ranking sixth among countries in the world in terms of the total number of vaccinations.

Where 11 million and 649 thousand and 824 people received the first dose, and 7 million 731 thousand and 130 people received the second dose.

And all vaccines for Covid-19 are given, except for one, which has only been allowed to be used urgently, in two doses and intermittently.

Therefore, the number of doses administered does not mean that the same number of individuals have been vaccinated.

Today, the number of cases worldwide has exceeded 138 million and 865 thousand, and more than 2 million and 986 thousand people have died from the Coronavirus.