Turkey registers the first death of the Coronavirus

Turkish Minister of Health Fahruttin Koca

Turkish Minister of Health Fahruttin Koca has announced that Turkey registered the first death due to the globally spreading Coronavirus.

This came in tweets published by the Turkish Health Minister on Twitter, in which he said:

“I am drafting this sentence as a doctor in addition to being the Minister of Health in this community: I lost my patient for the first time today in our fight against the Coronavirus. He was 89 years old. He received the virus from a Chinese officer. I wish God mercy for him.”

Earlier, minister Koca also published an statement by the Ministry of Health on the Coronavirus, stating:

  • The effect of the virus on different age groups. Children and youth can survive quickly. But in large age groups, the outcome can vary depending on age.

  • The death rate in this disease is much lower than expected. People who feel severely ill are people with weak immune systems and people with various diseases.

  • Our citizens with weak immune and chronic diseases should be very careful. This is due to a special case. Tonight, with great sorrow for our people, I will transmit to you the following news:

  • It is the first time that we have lost a patient in our battle against the Coronavirus. I am one of the closest people to represent society. He was 89 years old. Virus received from a Chinese employee. I hope mercy for his soul.